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Backing track playback device

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Re: Backing track playback device

Postby misuspita » Tue Jul 17, 2012 8:04 pm

I use a Zoom R16 for my tracks. It works fine since 2009(or 10?) without error. It's true, I dont need a lot of tracks/songs, just maybe 30-40. I can also use it as a relatively good soundcard, as it can record as a standalone recorder, or a USB device.

When having opened too many tracks for record it gets a little slow to start playback, but once started, no problem
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Re: Backing track playback device

Postby bellicapelli » Fri Apr 19, 2013 5:08 pm

I wanted to point out a link which can be useful :
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Re: Backing track playback device

Postby therealman » Sat Mar 17, 2018 9:32 am

We use for a while now and we are very happy! It's completely free and based on a raspberry pi device. You can connect an usb sound card and play stereo backing tracks, videos and dmx in sync.

It seems fairly new, but works well until now. :bouncy:
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Re: Backing track playback device

Postby Techno-phobe » Sat Sep 08, 2018 4:29 pm

I have resurrected this old thread because its subject is relevant to me and I hope someone can help me.
I use backing tracks - real piano, light drums and double bass for my jazz act.
I have been using Tascam MD 350 to play them on minidisc.
I mainly play restaurants and in small spaces so I am almost on top of the mixer and disc player rack and it has always been easy to just use the scroll/jog knob to move from track to track. All are recorded as wav.
My players have given me excellent service - 3-4 gigs a week over 18/20 years.
Now I am starting to get TOC reading slowly and sometimes refusing to read at all,
the occasional disc error and once recently a track paused itself mid song.
Embarrassing. I have kept the lens clean and I swap to new discs after a while.
Tascam repair say my lens unit on one player needs replacing and the other is on its last legs. The repair will be approx 250 quid.
So, as minidiscs are no longer made and I am a little tired of being restricted to a limited amount of tracks on each disc I have bought Tascams SD -20M to play my backing tracks on in stead. Cheaper than repairing the MD's.
I've only got the player today and haven't read all the manual yet.
My first concern is the display. It is very small and not as clear as the minidisc displays.

So I want to pick everyone's brains regarding the Tascam remote control RC-10 and the footswitch RC-3F which are made to be used with SD-20m.

I will need to pause my track at the end of performing the song, but the pause length will differ. I will need to got to another track and hav it paused ready to start.
So - would this recommended footswitch be better or the remote thing?
Both approx 38-35 quid to buy.

Anyone using any of these models?
And what do you use to clip them to your mic stand or music stand pole, please?
I thought maybe a Tablet holder with a clip to rest the remote on - but would love to hear from anyone using this kit and learn about their experiences.

Thanks in advance.
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