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QSC vs HK Actives

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QSC vs HK Actives

Postby Chanter » Thu Feb 08, 2018 2:47 pm


I am about to chuck several grand at a PA rig and have got the choice down to between QSC and HK.

The QSC would consist of 2 x K12.2 and 2 x KS212C

Whilst the HK would be their Big Venue Pack which consists of 2 x L5115A & 4 x L SUB2000A

I am struggling to see much difference in the two it's all nip and tuck on the specs, SPL etc. Out and out wattage is well in the QSC's favour but as I have been told so very often that's not the real measure....and as we know some manufacturers have been known to be a little 'optimistic' in wattage figures. Also, has anyone got anything to report on the reliability stakes and just as, if not more important, how they react with warranty or repairs?

The PA will mainly be used in a 250 capacity room but will also be used in a 450 capacity room and very, very occasionally for a small outdoor gig for about 300 to 400 persons.

Any thoughts at all on this would be gratefully received...oh the desk is an X32

I have to admit that barring anything I have missed it might just come down to the price since the QSC is about £1000 cheaper than the HK.

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Re: QSC vs HK Actives

Postby resistorman » Fri Feb 09, 2018 4:11 am

My experience with QSC goes back a fair way, their customer service has always been great. Here's an example: I was working on some ancient airport PA system, and there was a dust covered QSC amplifier that had never been cleaned, so of course it completely clogged, overheated, and eventually died. I called them up and asked if they still repaired that model, and they repaired it free of charge, even sent it back prepaid shipping. I have 4-K10's and they have been flawless. I've used them as mains in many situations with more than 800 people, with subs of course.
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Re: QSC vs HK Actives

Postby Sam Spoons » Fri Feb 09, 2018 10:43 am

My main rig FOH is 2 x QSC K12s and a single EV sBa 750 sub. I do a couple of regular, annual outdoor gigs to 4-500 people with it and get comments on how good it sounds. It's not going to do 'deaf mental' but for normal rocky blues and suchlike it's loud enough.

So my recommendation would also be for the QSC rig, and I also use an X32 (Compact with a Rack for stagebox).
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Re: QSC vs HK Actives

Postby Wonks » Fri Feb 09, 2018 11:19 am

Plus there's the general advice that 12" cabs are better for vocals than 15" cabs, which also goes in favour of the QSCs.
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Re: QSC vs HK Actives

Postby Chanter » Fri Feb 09, 2018 12:12 pm

Thanks for the replies it seems the general consensus so far is with the QSC :thumbup:
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Re: QSC vs HK Actives

Postby Stef Andrews » Sun Feb 11, 2018 7:14 pm

So, I own a QSC rig (KW122s over KW181s), spec'd another QSC rig (K12s over KSubs) for a function band I work for regularly and have another engineer colleague locally who I work for, who's rig is the HK L5 system you refer too.

Give me either QSC rig over the HK any day of the week. I'm yet to hear the K.2 stuff, but presuming it is actually an improvement on the original K series, then it's gonna be top top gear.

Every time I've stepped up to an HK rig, I've found I've needed to work so much harder to get the rig doing what I want it to, than compared with the QSC. I know where I'd be putting my money if I was buying again.
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Re: QSC vs HK Actives

Postby mojo filters » Wed Mar 14, 2018 7:07 am

You might want to be cautious about using the new directional QSC sub, if you ever plan on using them near to or right up against a wall or similar solid object.

If it is conventional cardioid sub (similar to single box solutions such as d&b J-Sub) the driver facing the rear needs space to propagate the sound which produces the cancellation which causes the directional character.

I've only read the marketing materials, but they also described it as a 6th order bandpass design. It could be what's more commonly referred to as an end-fired driver array, with both drivers facing forwards and the front delayed to the rear.

The latter design will be more tolerant of placement issues. If you think you might encounter such, I'd check with QSC to find out whether they specifically require users to ensure the sub placement is sufficient that the directional characteristics are allowed to work as designed.

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