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Connecting a monitor to EON ONE PRO

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Connecting a monitor to EON ONE PRO

Postby SandyE » Wed Sep 12, 2018 11:16 am

My EON ONE PRO has left/right RCA outputs. My powered monitor can accept either TRS or XLR. My monitor can be up to 25' from the EON during a gig. On some gigs I'll be using a 2nd powered monitor which I'd daisy chain- but never a need to run stereo. My preferred solution is to use a standard unbalanced TRS guitar cable to the monitor, then purchase a short adapter TRS female to either a single or dual RCA "Y" for the EON. To get the best sound quality to the monitor I'm not sure to use a single RCA or both L/R. Which would you recommend? And if single RCA which of the jacks on an output device is usually mono? The EON manual doesn't say. I'll also mention in case it might make a difference in your recommendation, I use a Taylor guitar with an Expression 1 pickup (using a balanced TRS to XLR cable), then will have either 1 or 2 mics. A third component I just purchased but haven't used yet is a Numark NDX500 CD/MP3 player I plan to use for backing tracks. I assume that some backing tracks could have been recorded in stereo. I know very little about sound equipment so I don't know if the EON mixes stereo input sources to mono output internally. I concerned that if I purchase a single RCA adapter instead of a dual that I could get a crappy backing track to the monitor because it's receiving only 1 channel of a stereo recording. I would appreciate your feedback. Sandy
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