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Minimal system for nonoptimal space

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Minimal system for nonoptimal space

Postby Coincidental » Mon Sep 24, 2018 1:32 am

Hi there
I need to find a small, flexible speaker solution for a small art gallery space. There's no treatment options available, and not that much volume required - this will probably be for arty, atmospheric stuff. The space is only about a 4mx5m rectangle with a stone floor. I guess I can make do with something fairly low-end here, as even though hearing detail would be nice, the splashy space (with frequent background noise) means close listening may be impossible. Low end can get quickly out of hand in there, so a sub probably won't be helpful.

They won't be permanently mounted, and may need to go at opposite ends of the space (or not). I can wall-mount with a bracket if I have to, though visual impact of cabling may be an issue. Some folks may want to create sound programmatically in real time on a laptop, others may want to play a 20-minute loop - I can't really know in advance.

Is there a handy wireless solution anyone can recommend? If I have to cable things up I could go over the ceiling, in which case is there a length of cable run I need to keep under?

I have a couple of Focusrite interfaces, and people may bring things with them, so it's really just finding some speakers that work for the space and that I can mount and deploy flexibly that is the challenge here.

Happy to hear any suggestions!
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