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Alto Professional Live 2404 mixer - no sound?

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Alto Professional Live 2404 mixer - no sound?

Postby nsea » Wed Oct 17, 2018 2:20 pm

Hi I'm having an issue with not being able to output any audio from the mixer. Was working fine previously (less than 12 hrs ago) but now unable to hear anything from the mixer. Currently use only the 2 Track In with an RCA cable attached to a computer. Have noticed that I no longer can see the red LEDs when a channel is muted either Can anyone help please?

Mixer is the Alto Professional Live 2404

We generally only use an RCA cable into the 2Trk Inputs (above channel 21/22) with the Control Room Source following buttons pressed: Main Mix, 2 Track to Main and 2 Trk In and the volume dials turned up.

Here are the steps I've tried so far with no luck:
- Changing RCA cable for several other spares
- Connected PC audio into both 2Trk inputs and also tried in Line inputs
- Sending output to play through control room speakers for monitoring
- Plugged in an iPod into both 2Trk inputs and also tried in Line inputs
- Tested with a microphone connected with an XLR cable
- Tested by connecting Live 2404 to a different amplifier

Unfortunately I'm not getting any signal lights at all, not even on the main channel fader. The only lights I receive on the desk are for the Phantom Power(if switched on which it normally isn't) and the illuminated numbers on the Effects DFX section (have changed the Delay number to see if it was a delay in signal output that was causing the issue). Neither does the mute LEDs on individual channels light when pressed...

Have tested the speakers with another mixer and have also connected the Live 2404 to another amplifier and checked for any faulty cables.

HOWEVER, sometimes if as you press in the Phantom Power switch at the back of the mixer you can hear it trying to output audio but only for a brief second as it takes for you to switch the switch?

Also, have found that if I use the right 2Trk In inputs you can hear audio from the input but it is very very quiet (with volumes high on the input device and the mixer channel & main fader) also this no longer seems to be controlled by the 2Trk Level volume dial nor main fader like it normally would.

Have contacted technical support at Alto directly with no luck, so any suggestions on what could be the issue would be gratefully appreciated!

Thanks for your assistance
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