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Synth Cases for Live Setup and Transportation

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Re: Synth Cases for Live Setup and Transportation

Postby MarkyC » Wed Jul 17, 2019 9:59 am

Thanks DanR,

Initially, I have gone for and aluminium board with an aluminium frame.
I'll rig it up and then see if I trust it (It seemed stronger and lighter than wood, but not sure about resilience)
The perspex idea is interesting alos, and not that expensive.
Interested in Flightcasewarehouse - have asked them for a quote as I'm suspecting the aluminium board may not be robust.

So thanks for the insight!

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Re: Synth Cases for Live Setup and Transportation

Postby DanR » Wed Jul 17, 2019 11:45 am

MarkyC wrote:
My setup would be (Bass station 2, Peak, TR8, Key-Largo to mix + orico usb powered hub to sync everything + plugs). On my table, after connecting everything, the foot print comes to about 90cmW x 70cmD x 9 cm high.

Just looking back at at this, do you want the whole lot on a board?
That’s gonna be big.
I’d certainly keep the Novation Peak seperate and maybe the Bass Station 2 aswell.
The other three items would be prewired on the board so all you need to do is
plug in one mains and the usb/audio leads.
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