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x32 for iPad with Behringer X32 Rack - EQ vs. Gain problem

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Re: x32 for iPad with Behringer X32 Rack - EQ vs. Gain problem

Postby Hugh Robjohns » Thu Aug 01, 2019 8:11 pm

BustersBBQ wrote:Here is a VIDEO I made of this phenomenon happening...

Thanks for the video, that has really clarified the issue you were having.

As the Wolf says, this is entirely normal and correct behaviour! What you are seeing is the boost/cut gain control for the frequency band you are adjusting in the EQ. It's not the channel input (mic preamp) gain control!

On an analogue desk, if you want an Mid boost or cut, say, you'd select the desired centre frequency with the frequency control, and the amount of boost or cut with the associated gain control.

The Behringer works in exactly the same way... But because it has a graphical user interface you can also drag the frequency/amplitude plug around to create the desired frequency response, and the virtual gain/frequency controls change accordingly.

So, no fault found with the desk or control app. User misunderstanding of the console operation. Nothing to see here... ;-)
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Re: x32 for iPad with Behringer X32 Rack - EQ vs. Gain problem

Postby AlecSp » Thu Aug 01, 2019 9:15 pm

Yes, all working exactly as expected. If you'd gone back and looked at the channel gain, you'd have noticed that it was not being changed as you adjusted EQ.

The view in the Windows X32 edit makes it more clear that you've got separate gains for each frequency in the EQ - see the pic below. Agreed, it's never so helpful the way the Apple/Android EQ window works one frequency at a time.

And it's entirely normal that (especially extreme) boosts in EQ will result in feedback.
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