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RCF Evox J8

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RCF Evox J8

Postby craigbeal » Sun Aug 18, 2019 9:35 am

Well after much reading this past week I was looking for a smaller setup for my current Mackie 12" srm450v3 which I run ontop of a 12" Behringer B1200D which although footprint wasn't too big, was big enough and heavy enough to look for something else this day in age.

I use this setup for my acoustic gigs which can be from small/large pubs and restaurants to outdoor parties and weddings, normally to about 150 people range maximum.

Not a massive amount of people but when you have a busy small pub and 80 people singing and dancing and being generally rowdy, talking and shouting loudly, it can be loud to get over so my concern with the new system is would it have enough volume and punch against my current setup.

I have an acoustic guitar, vocal and a Yamaha bass drum stomp pedal hence needing the bottom end sub else it just over powers a stand alone 12" speaker doing all 3 at volume to give that low end thump.

I run this current system at half volume on both the backs of the speakers and my mixer at about 1/3 on all channels and my master output volume at half. I would VERY rarely need to go any louder than this and if I did was only by a touch. Basically plenty of head room on all counts and making the current system a little over kill too for my size gigs.

So I decided on the Evox J8 against say the 300 or 600 series Lucas on the bases of: it has a 12" sub to cover off the foot pedal thump and match my current setup, 8x 2" speaker top array for the vocals and guitar and enough to give a good spread for the size venues I play with a 120/30 degree throw, apparently enough wattage (1400 total) to get a good amount of volume being class D, the array packs into the base speaker so less footprint in the boot of my car. Price, at £698 UK wasn't too expensive against similar systems, I wanted to keep my current 8 channel Yamaha mixing desk so no need for any built in mixer on the speaker it self.

So 2 gigs in, one of which I play very regular so I could do a very direct comparison.

I set the J8 to half volume on the back of the speaker system so I know I've got head room regardless of what I had to change on the mixer for the new setup and basically running at half volume. I ended up running all 3 channels on 3/4 instead of the previous 1/3 before and the master just over half so the same as before for master volume.

So with the mixer set higher on all 3 channels but master out and the speaker set on half as per my old system I was basically giving the same amount of peak volume I would use on my old setup at this point. Not bad for something almost half the size in footprint.

What I would say it the 8 speaker array is SUPER clear, and does a great job of filling the upper mids between the sub and array and can honestly say the clarity of the system was noticeable, my vocal and guitar sounded brilliant and the thump from the foot pedal was almost as good as from the old sub, maybe not quite as deep and boomy but this was from the old 2x12" speakers against 1x12" but does a very good job indeed from the single 12" sub non the less.

So volume - there is PLEANTY, read a-lot of enquiries on forums of people concerned about this, for a solo acoustic performer I can't imagine you'd need any more unless you where playing some very BIG halls. At half volume it was LOUD.

The only thing I noticed as the main loss was the feedback killer on the Mackie SRM450v3 speaker I used before. In-between songs there could be a touch of feedback from the guitar and had to roll off some bottom end eq on that channel to kill it. Wasn't terrible but was something I never suffered with on my old system due to this feature from the Mackie speaker.

In short if anyone is looking for a well build, high quality speaker with some volume and output certainly for a solo acoustic setup then this speaker will defiantly do the job. The J8 Mixer looks good with the mixer being built in and for a solo performer would be an amazing feature and maybe worth the extra cost but wasn't something I needed.

Most reviews said the system is brilliant and I can only agree at this point having bought 1.

ps: the speaker cover is £80 and although quite expensive is very high quality, just a shame it doesn't come with a pockets for the poles like the old Evox 8 cover did...

Hope this little review helps somebody looking for a solo system as I struggled to find much information about it for my kind of gig against say a DJ.

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Re: RCF Evox J8

Postby AlecSp » Sun Aug 18, 2019 5:57 pm

Thanks for the helpful review Craig, really interesting to hear your experience. There's a lot of suspicion around today's mini arrays, and a lot depends on the situation they're being used in. You're in the sweet spot of suitable use cases.

One caveat, though, both with your old and your new systems, don't assume you've got bags of headroom just because the speaker's volume control is only at 50% - it doesn't work like that, as a lot will depend on the level you're providing into the speaker. The only way to know what headroom you actually have is to turn up the level on the speaker to its max setting and then increase the level of the input signal until the limit light on the speaker comes on and/or the sound degrades. That, and only that, will show you what usable headroom you have available.
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Re: RCF Evox J8

Postby craigbeal » Sun Aug 18, 2019 6:40 pm

That’s a valid point about the input level and signal limit then on the speaker itself. Will turn it up at the next suitable venue to see how much actual headroom is left but currently it didn’t sound or feel like it’s anywhere near the top end yet... will be interesting to see where it is
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