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Getting started, acoustic solo gigs

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Getting started, acoustic solo gigs

Postby hotwired » Thu Nov 14, 2019 12:30 pm

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I’ve been out of practice since 2004, and have finally decided to get back into music and do a solo acoustic gig. Formerly I was lead guitar for a country rock band, so going from electric to acoustic is quite the experience. I have some technical questions I’m hoping someone can answer, or at least point me in the right direction.

What is a good way to record my gigs and practices JUST well enough to self-critique. I do practice using my soundcraft notepad 12fx which has AUX out. I set everything up just like at a gig, so I get used to the sound. The only difference is I use headphones vs. my two QSC 8 speakers. I use a Godin A6 ultra hybrid guitar (acoustic electric with both piezo and humbucker). Practicing and recording just using my tablet to capture ambient sound doesn’t produce very good results. I’d like to improve it so that I’m hearing what the audience is hearing, or at least approaching that level.

I’m trying to set myself apart from just strumming the acoustic and singing. I used to be a lead guitarist so I miss throwing leads in. So far, I’m learning how to do “leads” using moveable chords, double stops, things like that, so that the bottom doesn’t drop out but I don’t have that many tricks up my sleeve, so sometimes I just stop strumming, do a lead, then pick back up again. It doesn’t sound bad but I wish there was a way to keep the rhythm up a bit. Any suggestions?

I am incorporating a Gretsch hollow body electric (G5420t) for songs that call for it (I saw her standing there, by the Beatles, lookin’ out my back door by creedence, etc.) I’m also doing some open G work for a few stones songs (Honky Tonk Women, Brown Sugar, And move it on over by George Thorogood). Any other suggestions or caveats using the electric (sparingly)?
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Re: Getting started, acoustic solo gigs

Postby Sam Spoons » Thu Nov 14, 2019 2:24 pm

Zoom H series recorder could record the output from your desk (main outs if you are using headphones would work if it hasn't got a 'tape' output on phonos).

Buy a cheap looper and record a chorus of rhythm while you are singing then you can use it as a backing to solo over. It seems less like cheating than prerecorded backing tracks if you do it on the fly. I do it all the time and it takes practice but is not too difficult. Make sure your looper has two buttons*, trying to stop a loop with a double press is really difficult while playing live.

* I have TC DittoJam X2 and Boss RC30 but there are several others. The Boss allows you to store three hours/100 tracks so you don't have to play every single one live. The TC is very simple and immediate but can't store loops.
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Re: Getting started, acoustic solo gigs

Postby fcmusician » Thu Nov 14, 2019 11:06 pm

I do the solo duo thing. I just run a Zoom qn2 handycam. Play back on my computer. I use the beatbuddy drum pedal to keep things steady.
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