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Behringer Xenyx2442usb monitor mixes?

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Behringer Xenyx2442usb monitor mixes?

Postby jylijo » Sun Feb 16, 2020 8:50 pm

Hi everybody!

I´m trying to get 4 different mixes from the xenyx2442usb mixer to in-ear monitor. I´m also using Behringer powerplay pro-xl. I know I can get 3 mixes using the aux send 1, 2 and 4. I believe that if I want to use the internal effects of the mixer then the aux send 3 is controlling the effects, is this right? So how do I get 4 different mixes from the mixer to 4 musicians? If anyone can help I would be very thankful!
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Re: Behringer Xenyx2442usb monitor mixes?

Postby AlecSp » Mon Feb 17, 2020 12:01 am

If you're also mixing front of house using this mixer, then it's not up to the job.

As you've already discovered, its Aux 3 send is shared with the FX.

Worse than that, though, for monitors (or in-ears) you need pre-fade sends, so that changes made to the main mix using the faders don't mess with your monitor mixes. Whilst Aux 1&2 are selectable as pre or post-fade, Aux 3&4 are fixed as post fade.

So, unless you're planning on never adjusting the faders, you can only realistically run 2 monitor sends from this desk.

How can you work around this?

*If* any of your performers needs just a single channel in their mix, you could use the direct out from their channel to feed their monitor. I occaisionally used this trick in my old analog days.

Really, though, to run 4 monitor mixes, you need a more capable desk. While there are analog desks with more aux outputs, they tend to be big and/or pricey. These days, digital is really the problem solver.

For example, my XR18 gives me 16 full mic inputs and 8 outputs (typically used as LR main and 6 monitor outputs. Add to that the 4 FX engines, full graphic EQ on all outputs, 4 band parametric EQ every channel, compressor & gate on every channel, and not needing an expensive/heavy multicore, then it's a bargain at around £350. Moving to a surface-less digital desk takes a bit of learning, but I'd never go back.
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