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Question about Mixer/Speakers for Live performance

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Re: Question about Mixer/Speakers for Live performance

Postby tanooki audio » Sun May 31, 2020 9:46 am

Quick question, why are we discussing volume levels over 100db? Osha standards are 100db for no more than 15 mins, louder is not better, i mix at 95 as my peak, rarely going over that. I have seen countless guest engineers pull their cocks out and jerk off on my desk because the opening act, a pop punk trio was louder than his solo acoustic guitar and singer act was..Laughed with glee as they ruined their show because of their ego and then waited for them to try blaming me. I remind them that sound check sounded great when they were at a proper volume and that it was their ego that made them push volume and if they have a problem with the opening punk band that refused to turn down their ampe, forcing me to get louder with vox, blame the promoter who paired them with your act. 100 db is more than loud enough unless you are intentionally going for the disassociated sensation that a large audience on drugs the end, someday soon, some sleezy lawyer is going to figure out that they can make money off suing clubs, sound companies etc etc for violating the OSHA standards and you dont want to be the one they come after.I'm not risking my career or hearing for that, no way no far as your set up, i recommend a small hotspot/anchor speaker on a stand for your monitor, something with basic eq and volume controls on the front so you can easily make any adjustments you need, self powered of course with a grounded cable, dont ever use ungrounded power or ground lifts, Especially if you play guitar, bass or anything else that has your body making direct contact with metal, being electrocuted is not worth it and that is the cause Of most stage accidents And for your main, unles you are running stereo pads and fx on your key or the room you are in is particularly wide, a single main should suffice, if you can afford it, JBL or better, the customer service is pretty good, or least has been for me, the self powered 932s/928s are a good box for what you are trying to do and They can be mounted on a pole and. they have an adjustable horn so you can attenuate your highs if needed, but yamaha does make some good boxes for that price range too, im just not familiar with their current product line as i mainly work with line array systems. Definitely listen before you buy and do your research on the manufacturers customer service, find out if their is an authorized dealer near you so in case you have any issues, they may be able to call the dealer and get you a replacement toots sweet. Bring music you know by heart to listen to when auditioning speakers, songs you know all the nuances to, I have a play list I use everytime i tune a room, most are songs ive been using for 20+ years now and each one has a certain characteristic im listening for, Ie the snap of the snare on any song off of Aja, and a few songs i put on there are just to mess with the crew if i have the time, ill either get a laugh or glare, But either way, im entertained...good luck
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Re: Question about Mixer/Speakers for Live performance

Postby shufflebeat » Sun May 31, 2020 1:18 pm

tanooki audio wrote:Quick question, ...good luck

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Re: Question about Mixer/Speakers for Live performance

Postby Sam Spoons » Sun May 31, 2020 3:28 pm

AFAIK all the references to SPL so far have been WRT the max SPL a given speaker can achieve, measured at 1 metre, useful for comparing how loud varies speakers are relative to each other. The JBL VRX932 you mention has a quoted max SPL of 136 dB@1metre.
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