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Audio (& video) setup for webinar broadcast

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Audio (& video) setup for webinar broadcast

PostPosted: Thu Jul 09, 2020 11:16 am
by al_diablo
I would be grateful for opinions on the best way to go about putting together what I hope is a simple setup for work, but I'm a complete live sound novice, even less so when its presentation / speaker / AV work.

We regularly have training / meetings in the hospital for up to 200 people, which we will have to now deliver with people offsite as much as possible.

Our information governance policy mandates the use of Microsoft Teams which we will use to broadcast slides, video of presenters and video of the attendees in the presentation room to our offsite staff.

We will likely be using a Blackmagic ATEM mini for camera switching and video streaming, and this has a pair of stereo audio inputs on 3.5mm jacks - I presume we would need a mic mixer to run into these.

I'd like an installation fixed presenter mic and / or lavalier for the speaker, a wireless mic for questions from the room, and the ability to monitor questions from offsite.

I'd like some advice as to the most 'idiotproof' setup - ideally that can be used by people with no experience beyond using their mobile phone, although there are a few of us with *some* transferable skills and I will have access to an actual professional to get everything set up, but I'm just trying to spec out what might do the job before we waste any of his time!!

This is the NHS so obviously the absolute cheapest option is always preferable!