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XPRS speakers

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XPRS speakers

Postby Drew Shaw » Mon Aug 03, 2020 11:48 am

Hi everyone - id be grateful for any input re the following:

Currently mainly do this as a hobby altho i have some limited exoerience of playing on other systems
at free parties and small bars a handful of times
The music played is predominantly reggae/dub which cab bleed over to experimental/dancehall/techno so clear bass is an important factor
Due to change in circumstances i plan to upgrade n have my eye on xprs range
Budget is 6K but i want to incl a dbx 260 (is it advisable to buy this as a used item?) in price wch leaves about

So i plan fr this - 2x xprs 10"; 2x 12"; 2 x 115 sub = iv managed to source these new fr total of £4,7k brand new
which is pretty good compared to RRP
How do forum members rate this range?

There is an option of buying the xprs 215 for only £100 more expensive than a 115 - That would potentially save me
about £700 but it migtht limit my future options of running a couple of spk+sub's - the 215 can run 2 speakers each one with a dedicated sub
but why is it so cheap compared to the 115?

Also the !2s are on offer cheaperthan the 10s (150Eurios cheaper each)- does any1 have any suggestions why this could be?

Any input (incl should i considder other brands - the budget can incr a little but i dont want it going to
obscene levels - i do this for love not money and i dont want to be pushung to 8k or over) would be appreciated

Drew Shaw
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