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Master Bus for live performance (Ableton)

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Master Bus for live performance (Ableton)

Postby Prang » Mon Aug 10, 2020 5:11 pm


First post so be kind

Over lockdown I did a few live sets on Ableton over a few streaming sites (used OBS over retstream). Only external inputs were, a couple of mics and a synth going directly into my Audio interface. Obviously I am mixing the audio purely "in the box" which isn't huge problem as most of my vst's were ok to work real-time as they would when just making tunes.

One thing I was wondering is there anything I could put on the master bus to improve what's get broadcast? Maybe a glue compressor or something like that would help? Listening back on Youtube the quality is understandably much lower due to all the various compression that must have to happen but is there anyway to negate some of the effect of that?
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