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Best softwares for an automated Live show?

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Best softwares for an automated Live show?

Postby eythoralex » Thu Sep 24, 2020 12:55 am

So I'm a big fan of the idea of automated shows. I'd like to try having a click track for all songs played live or recorded, so I can program the lighting changes, video cues and audio effects to sync with the music.
At the moment though I'm mainly looking into having scenes that I switch between manually. For example an annual festival that I'm taking care of in November, has both videos, projection mapping, lights and music. Ideally I want to make scenes that have the potential to trigger any of the listed items, so I dont have to switch between softwares so much. I am also open to other software ideas or just tips in general.

Software I have now:
SCS (Qlab alternitive for Windows)
D-Pro and MyDmx (lighting software)
MadMapper (for projection mapping)
Ableton Live 10 intro.

All of these should be able to make scenes that I can link together via virtual Midi software but it can become a bit of a mess if you have them all at once. I haven't really tried Ableton so much, so is that something that is worth looking more into? What software can I replace with it and what are it's features?

So as of testing goes, I have gotten SCS, MadMapper and MyDmx to work togeather by making an instance of each scene in every software, and make a control scene in SCS that sends a midi control change to MM and Mydmx. For each scene I have a different midi channel, so the order of the scenes don't matter in MM and Mydmx. They only link to one scene. Is there an easier way to do this. I know the midi channels are only 16 and I would possibly want more lighting scenes. Also, should I run any of the softwares on a seperate pc?

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Re: Best softwares for an automated Live show?

Postby The Elf » Thu Sep 24, 2020 9:22 am

You can run as many MIDI channels as you have separately addressable MIDI outputs - 16 channels per port. An 8x8 MIDI interface, such as the MOTU MIDI express would give you 128 separate addressable MIDI channels.

For live work I use Cantabile - this software handles *everything* for me, including backing tracks, program changes, lighting control and even turning the stage mic on/off between songs. This is all MIDI-based. I've never used it for video.

There may be more suitable software out there for your purposes.
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