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Show Automation w. QSC TouchMix 30.

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Show Automation w. QSC TouchMix 30.

Postby NM_TO » Mon Dec 21, 2020 3:51 pm

Hey SOS!
I've taken on the task of learning more in-depth about Live Sound and first I gotta say SOS- thank you!

I've began learning about automation with Live shows and I'm looking to develop the same for my group using my new TouchMix 30 and hopefully some of the gear we currently use (although I don't mind purchasing). I want to do the pre-setup computer automation vs. the stomp pedal option.

Things such as turning on FX in chorus of songs, FX off when talking in between, change keyboard patches vas well as the trigger module for the drums to appropriate kits via. MIDI plus control our lights in the near future.

Current Setup:
QSC Touchmix 30
Tracks created in Logic
Exported and MainStage Runs tracks when playing live.
2 Keyboards playing from Mainstage computer (Midi capabilities)
TM6 with Triggers on the Acoustic Drum Kit. (Midi capabilities)

I would love the drummer to change the track in MainStage and that sends the signal to the Keys/ Modules, and then the QSC throughout the track to automate and adjust the FX and sounds etc.

If anyone can suggest a piece of equipment to assist, that would be great. I'm very new when it comes to MIDI and tying all this gear together will be a fun challenge, but I'm up to learn!

If there's another post I should be aware of, please point me in that direction! - Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance
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