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Swapped my Sony MDR7509HD for Sennheiser HD215

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Re: Swapped my Sony MDR7509HD for Sennheiser HD215

Postby mjfe2 » Tue Nov 06, 2018 12:34 pm

Just reviving this ancient thread to add my thoughts on the Sony 7590HD headphones.

Finally picked up a pair and am impressed by the tonality, though voices still sound a little boxy/nasly. The top end is v nice. Have any recent models by Sony or others improved upon this early-00s design?

Build quality seems fine though I'm not overawed by the plastic construction. It sounds as if the OP had a dud pair though!

My main criticism is actually isolation, which seems worse than average (certainly not as good as DT770 or DT150). Anyone else had this problem?

In general we buy cheap OEM ear pads from eBay for replacements but I wondered if this is affecting performance?
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