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Focal Professional CMS40 Monitors

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Focal Professional CMS40 Monitors

Postby Arthur Stone » Tue Feb 14, 2012 4:07 pm

I was looking to upgrade to my second set of monitors; smallish room, audiophobic neighbour with a face like a sick whippet - a scenario familiar to many in the home studio world. I relied on reviews (particularly SOS!) and Gearslutz for advice; I considered Adams, Genelecs, KRK, having ruled out PMC's, ATC's and K+H, as too costly (for now). The Focal CMS 40's saved the day; good representation at low-to-mid levels, small footprint, excellent build-quality.

In use:
Although they are perfect for the small room there are two drawbacks: first, there's little of the bottom octave (fine for most acoustic/folk/etc. - not so good for checking deep bass) and second, the lack of bass is problematic when adding a sub. My concern about adding a sub is based on the recent SOS review where it's noted that the 40's struggle slightly to keep up with the sub (whereas the 50's and 65's should synchronise with ease). These are not LOUD monitors although they are loud enough to annoy the neighbour if pushed.

In everyday use the lack of bass isn't too much of an issue - I can check on an old 2.1 system and headphones...also many listeners will have similar-sized speakers so there's an incentive to make the bass sound as good as possible within the bandwidth. That said, the bass response is remarkable for a monitor of it's size. The inverted dome tweeters provide a great focus and are never fatiguing even after hours of listening.

The dynamic response, soundstage, musicality and lack of listening fatigue mark these as quality monitors; also the design and build quality stand out. If you're looking for a stepping-stone to high-quality monitoring and listen at low-to-moderate levels then the CMS 40's are definitely worth checking out.

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