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UAD API Vision Channel Strip

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UAD API Vision Channel Strip

Postby Glenn Bucci » Sat May 10, 2014 3:59 am

I agree with everything Paul White said in his review of this plug in, so I will just add some commentary.

I had no interest in getting the API Vision channel strip as I had API plug ins from another company. With my other API being 7 years old, and todays' technology on modeling better, I decided to try out the Vision.

Bottom line: I found the end results of my drums, guitars and bass just sounded better with the UAD Vision. Granted it also has a mic pre emulation as well. So that means it's best to use cleaner mic pre's when you record if you want to get a better API pre emulation. I also liked the compressor much better than my other API compressor which was a hit a miss many times. This one just has that snap and attack that I expect from API. The gate......well I have not used a gate in a while since we can mute background noises pretty easy on our DAW's. However some of the presets showed how good the gate can be as an effect as it can make snares and other instruments sound amazing. The UAD Vision was a great find for me. I have not A/B it against real API hardware, but I have used API and this plug in has that sound. Highly recommended
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