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Prodipe TDC5 Monitors

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Prodipe TDC5 Monitors

Postby Crunkfingaz » Wed Jan 07, 2015 10:44 am

I made a decision that I needed (read: wanted) a new pair of monitors to add to my set-up. I have my preferred “A” monitors, which are my workhorses having had them nearly 9 years and knowing them inside out, as well as the NS-10’s which have been used less and less and have ended up being sold.
I had been lent a set of KRK 5’s recently, and had not been impressed with them at all, with their over hyped bottom end they’re no doubt fantastic for EDM and Hip Hop/Dubstep, but not for what I was looking at. Same with the Yamaha MSP5’s, HS5’s and Adam A7’s – all great monitors but didn’t have quite what I was looking for after trying them out at my local music store.

I turned my attention to co-axial monitors, with their design benefitting the stereo field, I looked at both the Equator D5’s and the Prodipe TDC5’s – the D5’s I could find lots of helpful information on but there was virtually nothing on the Prodipes, only the SOS review (TDC5 Review). I had heard the Equators in action and I was pleased with the results, however, I couldn’t help feel I should give the Prodipes a shot. So I did. I ordered the TDC5’s and they arrived in December.

After running them in for 24 hours, I set to work. The first thing I noticed is the stereo image is more accurate than the other 5” monitors I had been using previously. When set up and playing a mix through them, the field is very wide without seeming to lose any detail, and everything dead centre is dead centre.

Usually I’m not a fan of desktop mounted speakers, however, these have a 20° angled cabinet which directed them at my listening position without having to place them on anything other than a pair of MoPads. The TDC5’s have a much tighter bass response than I was expecting, and thankfully nowhere near as over hyped as the KRK5’s. I did need to adjust the HF to +1db to suit my room, but this is to taste – I’m more used to working on the top end my Alesis give me and I felt the top end was a little light – this may change once they’ve been run in properly .
The Mids on the TDC5’s are really good. As in REALLY good, almost rendering the Mixcubes obsolete (I joke, I couldn’t get rid of them). I have been pleasantly surprised with the Prodipes as “B” monitors. I would say that if you need some smaller monitors in the 5” range, and you have a strict budget, then these would be great – personally I wouldn’t use them to mix on all the time, but to compare mixes and get a different view on what’s happening with the mix, then these are great.

As I said, I found almost no reviews for the TDC5’s, hence why I decided to write this one. I made a bold decision to buy these monitors blind, but so far I have no regrets, and as with all monitors, I’m sure they’ll come into their own once they’ve bedded in for a few months.
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