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Unity Audio The Super Rock

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Unity Audio The Super Rock

Postby honjr » Thu Sep 22, 2016 6:36 pm

Nice Oct 2016 review of these by Hugh Robjohns. I've been using mine for a few months now and largely concur with him. Part of the reason I'm writing this brief user review is that there are very few user reviews of them online, at least in English. Obviously I can't attempt to equal Hugh's review.

In my room I prefer them in between near- and mid-field, slightly toed out. This favored distance is fortunate, since the bass drivers of mine exhibit a raspy hum audible at close distances (but not at all from where I use them). I think Hugh had mentioned a similar issue with the Boulders in his review of them. This positioning, compared to a near-field and ear-aligned one, also increases the real and apparent dimensions of the sound field in my room.

The Supers offer a superbly balanced clarity throughout all frequencies starting near the stated 35Hz and going higher. More importantly for me is that, on top of the clarity and visibility, they sound really fine when the mix or master is right. I can use these for tracking, mixing, mastering - all in one speaker. An absolutely beautiful sound I have not even heard from my Neumann KH310A's. (By comparison, personally I would give the KH310A's the edge in imaging and SPL, and the Supers the edge in clarity and musicality).

The list price is a bit higher than what I paid. Still pricey!
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