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Review of Ethno World 6 Voices by Marcel Barsotti

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Review of Ethno World 6 Voices by Marcel Barsotti

Postby donbodin » Tue Apr 18, 2017 6:20 pm

A vast collection of phrases & multi-sampled vocals captured from around the globe, Marcel Barsotti's Ethno World 6 Voices really soars. Few timbres instantly elevate interest for a listener like the human voice and although there are some inconstancies across the instruments, this sample set is sure to help bring all kinds of music to life.

See my full video review, written review, demos and more here:

On the PROS:
Huge and diverse collection of Voices
Inspiring to work with
Both multi-sample and loops/phrases included for each instrument
IDB info panel for each instrument

On the CONS:
Inconsistency in instrument types
Slight inconsistency of recording quality from one voice to the next
Multi-Sampled patches need to apply scripted legato and midi cc's for realistic playback

Ethno World 6 is available from Best Service:
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