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Band In A Box Review

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Band In A Box Review

Postby NigelSpiers » Tue May 23, 2017 4:41 am


As a long time Band In A Box (BIAB) user and fan - I thoroughly enjoyed the SOS two-part review and learnt a few new tricks.

However two of the key reasons why I use BIAB so regularly were not examined in great detail i.e.

Real Tracks - 1000's of performances by some of today's top US and Canadian performing and session musicians beautifully recorded and all available for you to use in your songs royalty free. It's like like jamming every night with your dream band. This is especially true if you are into Jazz or Country music but all Genres are covered. Even better - a bio of every musician is provided so you know exactly who you are playing with.

Styles - are collections of the above real track performances made into full bands and played in a particular style e.g. "A Slow 12/8 Blues" or "Raucus New Orleans 2nd Line March". Each style comes with drums, bass, guitars, brass instruments, woodwind, strings etc to suit the Style and also include suitable soloists. All you need to do to create your own song is type in the chords, select a style and bingo - you have a world class performance. Better still is the ability to type in the chords and then try out dozens of different musical styles and keys. If you want to give a new twist to an old song - again just type in the chords and change it to "Santana" style, or a "U2" , "Satchmo", "Neil Young" feel or whatever.

Lastly - PG Music (BIAB authors) bring out a new version at least once a year and each new version includes 100's of new musician performances and styles.

If you are a composer or arranger BIAB is not just a wonderful time saver and really easy to use it provides heaps of new inspiration on a daily basis. Sure it's got 1000's of features and most of them I will never use - but it's Like Word or Excel - you only use the bits you need. This is why so many music teachers and students worldwide use it.
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Re: Band In A Box Review

Postby chrism_31 » Sat Mar 03, 2018 6:57 pm


I've been using BiaB for a while and since last year I'm concentrating on cuban / salsa music. Where can I purchase/get more such styles? The ones that came with the program or can be purchased on the PG Music site are rather limited, I haven't seen more than 5 or so. And they are not on the same CD so I'd have to buy also several with other styles I don't need. Are there third party suppliers of styles or private programmers?


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