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Audio Technica ATH-E50 Monitor Earphones

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Audio Technica ATH-E50 Monitor Earphones

Postby Glenn Bucci » Thu Oct 26, 2017 1:19 pm

My church needed in-ears for the band. I know the Shure 225 are known for a little extra bass, but their mids and highs are a little cloudy. But for $99 who is to complain. However the band wanted a little more hi fidelity in the mids and highs so each band member could hear all the details of each instrument and the detail would help the singers hear themselves better so they could sing on pitch.

We purchased 8 Audio Technica E50's. I read a very positive review on-line and decided to give AT a try.

Well everyone in the band really just fell in love with these earphones. Though they are a single driver, don't let that throw you off. They have lots of detail and the armature drivers inside are great. Audio Technica has hit a home-run with these in-ear monitors. Obviously they have different size tips and everyone was able to find a size to fit. As good in-ears like this one are more flat-sounding, the bass is not big but it is there. With our Behringer P16 mixers, (as well as other mixers) there is an EQ on them and you can dial in a little more bass, less top-end or whatever.

These are also very comfortable and the quality is there. Thankfully there is a detachable cable as well so if, for some reason, the cable goes bad you can replace the cable.
They are one of the best sounding in-ears in this price range. To get something better you would need to go to a Shure 425 which cost $100 more. ... index.html
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