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Two Notes Torpedo Captor

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Two Notes Torpedo Captor

Postby maggotspawn » Fri Nov 10, 2017 5:55 am

I received my Two Notes Torpedo Captor a few weeks ago. It's a Reactive load for guitar tube amps. It has a built in fixed -20dB attenuator. Speaker cab through. And 2 analog cab Sims, one for bass and one for guitar. I'm not a fan of the attenuator, but it could be my amps which have good master volumes. The cab Sims are usable with some post EQ, but really where the Captor shines is silent recording of your tube amp and running IR's.
The Captor comes with a liscense for the Wall of Sound plugin, which is a pretty amazing piece of software. I'm getting great results, and am considering putting my mics away.
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