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Moog MF104M Moogerfooger

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Moog MF104M Moogerfooger

Postby fuzulu » Fri Dec 08, 2017 3:45 pm

This thing can bring joy to you for years...

When Moog released this I thought this is something interesting which I have to try out as I have never used an analog delay and I was always curious about the history of this effect, after all echo / delay is one of the most important, fun and most useful effects in music production, and it was interesting to know the origins of this effect as opposed to only using software variants of it, from tape delay, to roland space echoes, to bucket brigade delays... what were the older delays like?

So I had a chance to check out this one, a real bucket brigade delay, after seeing some online videos and reviews I was all in knowing that its a limited run and its going to be my only chance to try something like this for a while...

This pedal is built beautifully and super sturdily, I think its impossible to break this thing, its like a tank, it has the best, smoothest (but also with weight) knobs you are going to find and its packed with loads of features which Im not going to get into but you can easily find, just check the other review here...

The effect of it is very different from what I was used to from plugins, plugin delays are a lot brighter and come through easily in the mix, and let me assure you that this is not going to do what your software delays do, it cannot replace that, also its a mono unit, but what it has is a really unique and amazing sound which will land a huge smile on your face the first time you hear it. Beautiful warm, smooth and timeless sound, you will be playing with this thing for hours and hours and wont know where the time went and that in itself is worth the price for me, I would say the most fun is when you actually play any instrument into it, guitars, synths, keyboard, you name it, you will have endless fun jamming with this... but it also excels as an audio tool for creating a sound in a production, bizarre effects, its own unique delays, and many times you will find that sweet spot which will take your song to another level.

So all in all, most people will tell you that you would be crazy to spend this kind of money on a mono delay, but its something you should try for yourself and decide.

I have zero complaints in this review, I honestly cannot find a fault in it.
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