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Moog Slim Phatty Desktop Analog Synth

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Moog Slim Phatty Desktop Analog Synth

Postby fuzulu » Fri Dec 08, 2017 3:46 pm

Best thing I ever bought in my life!

I have had this for years now, its mid sep 2017 as Im writing this and I got this just as it came out brand new. A funny coincidence was the one I bought was reserved in the shop for Tom Oberheim, and since I was desperate the shop owner called Tom and Tom decided he can always get one later so I got it.

Also please keep in mind there were not many affordable analog synths at that point, it was really one of the first few that started the wave leading into now. The price points are very different now.

The synth is built like a tank, its sturdy as hell, its just an amazing heavy proper piece of metal gear. The moment you see it come on and do the light sequence you are going to fall in love with it. The design of the panel and the controls is an absolute work of art and perfection, the LEDs around the knobs and on the buttons is just amazing to use and looks so good you have to see it to believe it, they dropped those kind of LEDs in newer models like Sub Phattys, Sub 37 etc to save cost, which is a shame, because you would always know what the sound is based on those LEDs. The resolution of the super amazing fat big knobs, their placement and ergonomics is just another level all together. The panel is really designed intelligently and kudos to the moog team for their innovation for bringing out that design at that time. The combination of the buttons for octaves and other features together with the knobs makes you play with this thing forever with fresh results. I can understand why some people would not like the knobs shared, specially the cut off and resonance, and I think an update to this same design with a few more knobs would be great and a good step forward.

Now lets move on to the sound, which is after all that I wrote above, the BEST part of this machine. It still amazes me the way it sounds, the bass sounds on this is just pure bliss, anyone in the room can recognize its a moog sound. Its so round and big there is nothing that comes close to it. And for other sounds its great as well, with rich harmonics, you can use this sound source a million ways. Bob Moog's legendary invention, the Ladder Filter is magic by itself, you will be playing with just that beautiful filter and resonance on their own for months, it really sounds sweet, with loads of resonance also it sounds excellent, its really something you need to experience for yourself.

A special word has to be put out about the brilliant midi implementation of this synth, each and every pot and button can send and receive midi which opens this thing up to huge possibilities for experimentation.

The only things it may be limiting in is the default sound engine is not as complex as it could be with things like cross mod and more modulation sources it would be neat. (There is a slight amount of cross mod involved but not fully implemented). So a new version of this Slim Phatty 2, with the additional knobs for resonance, distortion, env amount, course tuning of oscillators and more mod sources and destinations, cv outs, would be perfect.

The other little gripe I have with it is that it can get stuck notes pretty easily specially while being sequenced which is a bummer.

But all in all considering when it was released and the amount of joy it has given me and will still keep giving I love this machine. Its more than a machine its like my son! The price is not expensive in anyway no matter what people say about moog because they make their stuff of such high quality, its 100% worth the money.
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