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Yamaha TF3

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Yamaha TF3

PostPosted: Thu Sep 06, 2018 1:40 pm
by Simeon Vanquaillie

In our church we switched from 01V96 to TF3. The 01V96 is about 15 years old, not all the faders were working properly and two preamps were dead. We had a setup with an Behringer ADA8000 to add another 8 preamps, and 8 outputs, so 20 micpreamps, 4 line inputs, 8 buses, 8 auxes, 8 fader groups, 8 mute groups, 14 outputs, pretty neat.
Previously I had worked with LS9's, and I liked the GEQ's, but I had noticed that the idea of group faders hadn't been implemented, which was a pity, and when comparing the LS9 to the 01V96, in our setup, the LS9 was offering less for a lot more money, as we could fix ringing monitors with the PEQ.
Once our desk started degenerating, I started looking around a bit more, this was around the time the TF series was launched.
In the end we settled for a TF3, which seemed alright on paper (there was a lot to like);
- recallable preamps
- no fader groups, but VCA with spill function
- GEQ on outputs
- Scribble strips
- colour coded faders

Once the thing was installed, we switched from 01V96 to TF3 in 1 hour and 15 minutes, with 15 minutes to go before the rehearsal! Thanks to the offline editor.
But after that I started missing features I had assumed to find on the new desk.
-To my ears the effects on LS9 are superior to those on the TF3, I remember the difference between 01V96/02R/01V effects and running effects on the LS9, and I was surprised that I didn't have the same feeling with the effects on the TF3, alright it doesn't state that the effects are VCM or REV-X effects, but I sort of hoped they would have match the quality.
- another disappointment was not having an input patch, I am used to having different EQ settings for the same source, and just muting a channel when the musician switches to another guitar (the multicore is quiet crowed)
- And the next surprise was that you can't patch effects to your channel inserts, because your channel insert doesn't exist. There is a sort of work around but it isn't one really, you can send that channel to an aux 9,10-19,20, where you can patch this effect, but you can't return to your channel, guitar cab simulator, Multi Dynamic Compressor. This is a odd way of working.
-The next disappointment was, not being able to delay the outputs, except the 4 Matrix buses, we've got 5 monitorlines, a sub and L/R so that's just another missed chance, the omniouts should have had delay lines.
-A last thought is that Yamaha should start implementing 96k on their desks.
Again I think of the 01V96, it just had all those features.

You must think why didn't he buy a new 01V96, well I just wanted recallable preamps to make life easier when switching between different users. And I made the fault of thinking Yamaha weren't leaving out any features from older desks...

So check, double check and triple check before assuming things will have improved with newer series.

Kind regards,
Simeon Vanquaillie