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Synthogy Ivory II Upright Piano software

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Synthogy Ivory II Upright Piano software

Postby Glenn Bucci » Sat Mar 28, 2020 7:45 pm

Why would you want upright pianos when you can have wonderful Steinway grands and other sampled grand pianos that sound so incredible? Well the grands sound great for classical piano, but many times for pop or even jazz when you want a slightly tighter sound, the upright is a great choice. The Yamaha piano has the brighter more modern sound who people like Chick Correa and David Foster use. Not to mention all the music schools that have them. I personally love the piano sound myself which is the main reason why I purchased it.

For playing any of the sampled pianos its nice to have a weighted keyboard. Also if you use headphones, open back headphones are a better option to reduce fatigue vs closed back. Of course if you have good studio monitors that can be a great option as well to hear the music.

So how does the Ivory II Uprights sound? They sound like real pianos. When recording with them, there is no way I can hear any difference between a real piano and the Ivory II. All the piano samples are rich, the tone of the soundboard is heard and the reverb and EQ options along with saving settings is great. From the bar room, vintage, tack piano to the Yamaha. Just incredible sounding pianos.

The download is pretty straight forward but my Norton Antirvirus did not trust the download and I had to allow it in order to move forward. It will take about an hour or more to download all the piano samples so be patient. If you don't have an Ilok account, create one first. When you register the software, it will put the software in your Ilok account. I also recommend you have a heavy duty stand that will stop your keyboard from bouncing when playing harder.

All in all I am very happy with these piano samples and highly recommend them. I know the Yamaha will be used the most for me though the vintage and bar room are also really nice. I also have the Ivory II American Concert D that is one of the best options when you want that beautiful, bigger and more elegant piano sound. Plus its a Steinway.
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Re: Synthogy Ivory II Upright Piano software

Postby Wonks » Thu Apr 02, 2020 8:46 am

Nice review. Have you got any other upright piano sample sets to compare it against? I've only got the basic NI one that came with Komplete, but that worked well for sounding like a piano you'd get in your home, rather than one in a concert hall.
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