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DrumCore 4 Encor (My how you've grown!)

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DrumCore 4 Encor (My how you've grown!)

Postby Gaby Bush » Tue May 26, 2020 6:26 am

A fellow producer/guitar player put me on to DrumCore way back when dinosaurs roamed the earth, when Adam was a boy and when (as we say in Australia) Cocky was an egg. I can find my way around Logic well enough to make a modest living out of music and sound design but I still prefer to listen to music rather than look at it! I am primarily a guitar player and, while not a luddite, I am old school and proud. I believe in creative flow. Computers and plugins regularly get in the way of creativity. DrumCore never has. Not for me anyway. It is one of very few plugins that I would describe as genuinely creatively inspiring. (Once you know your way around it:) I favour real instruments and real players. And there we come to the point. Real world-class players are what has distinguished DrumCore from the outset. The ability to choose 16 and 25 x stereo multi outputs establishes its credentials as a professional production tool.

I confess that I have flirted with some of the many alternatives. There have been times on the journey when I have had to wait for an update because I installed a new OS too early (got to stop doing that). There were times when I might have abandoned a lesser product. But DrumCore’s real players have kept me coming back. It’s like an old friend now. Actually, I am now on v4.3.4 and with all the updates, reskinning of the GUI and a growing body of outstanding content it’s more like a friend that never gets old. The endless choices made available digital production, increasingly powerful DAWs and being swamped by oceans of content lead to decision fatigue and creative burnout. (In case you are wondering decision fatigue is real problem. And not just for musicians.) However, when the content is outstanding and when the management and manipulation of that content remains easy and intuitive you don’t get tired. Instead you get inspired.

One last thing: By painful experience I learned not to mess around with the file structure of how DrumCore finds its library. Make sure you understand how it works and take a screenshot of the structure. I fiddled where I should not have, forgot where I was and ended up with some serious self-inflicted issues. Sonoma’s support people answered all my questions (not all of them intelligent) and my app is back in showroom condition. If you are anything like me, your library will grow alarmingly fast. I Have DrumCore 4 Primelink. If I could go back I would probably go with a version that gave me the content on a flash-drive or SSD. But now that I have learned my lesson about library file structure I can migrate my content across to a sexy new SSD. Despite the many alternatives, I for one am not leaving the party where Terry Bozzio, Tony Braunagel and Matt Sorum are playing. Boom dah-dum dish.
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