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FAQ: Readers' Ads

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FAQ: Readers' Ads

Postby Forum Admin » Tue Jun 21, 2016 10:04 am

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How do I find Readers' Ads?
The 3 red buttons are on every SOS web page on desktop view down the right-hand column under the vertical skyscraper banner.

Note: MY ADS only shows of course once you have submitted an advert, and it's awaiting approval, published, on hold (for investigation). Deleted ads do not show there. All ads are vetted/moderated.

For convenience, we suggest you bookmark the View All Ads page (or click a favourite Category and bookmark that URL) and you'll never have a problem finding it: (same as before)

Why is there no link to Readers' Ads on the main menu?
Because we analysed the web page views of Readers' Ads carefully and where ads were being submitted from, country-wise, and whilst popular with lots of readers, who post and help fund their gear-lust there, it doesn't rank anywhere near as highly as the visits/views made to the major sections of the magazine/site -- which are now promoted to the main menu buttons and more easy to find on this new site.

Now that we've got the launch phase complete and the new site is live, as hinted at in some of our forum help replies, we are now able to remove the 'UK-only' Geo-IP restrictions on Readers' Ads and open it up to our global audience once again.
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