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Missing SOS Past Issues on

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Missing SOS Past Issues on

Postby Forum Admin » Wed Jun 22, 2016 5:09 pm

On 15 June 2016 we launched our new website and at the point of launch it has around 7,000 articles on it — from the latest issue back to August 2005.

We are working hard to get the remaining issues brought over as soon as possible but this will take time, due to commitments to producing the new issue each month.

They will be added one past issue at a time, moving backwards from August 2005.

Sorry to make you wait!

Web Archive

However, there is a partial solution: thanks to a wonderful non-profit organisation called Web Archive who run a Wayback Machine service. This shows snapshots of the full SOS site as it was going back in time and past/missing SOS articles can be found in its extensive web archives.

Go to: Show All Issues of SOS on

Once there, clicking the old site's menus and links to articles will open most of them. Beware: lots of the features and login on the web archive do NOT work.

And please note: the archive only goes back to January 1994 (just like the old site) and the earlier issue links are there for convenience when researching what print mag an old article was in.

Check out Desmond's

Thanks for your understanding.
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