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Lounge swamping new Active Topics page

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Re: Lounge swamping new Active Topics page

Postby awjoe » Wed Aug 17, 2016 5:23 am

Hugh Robjohns wrote:
So... Do we change the rules? No politics or religion, ever!?

One reason I migrated to this site from a popular American site is because they banned the discussion of religion and politics from the lounge forum. Admittedly, they apply the policy incredibly stupidly - they delete posts in which one member describes another member (accurately) as a Christian, for example. But the fact that this site manages to weather the storms of typically ding dong verbal battles in the lounge is one measure of its success, I think.

Thinking out loud: could you set up a sister site, just for the lounge? SOS Chat. Link to it from here, and vice versa?
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