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Dave Stewart's October Editorial

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Dave Stewart's October Editorial

Postby Suntower » Tue Sep 27, 2016 4:21 am

NB: There may be a forum/Drupal bug? This post ended up in 'Support' area. I thought it was 'user error', but when I look at it in my posts, it shows as being in -this- (Feedback) area.

I agree 100% with Dave's column. However, I recognise that no one who doesn't read music or knows any theory will care. Those skills are dying, being replaced by creating with the iPad and 'controllers'.

I was struck by a recent article where engineer Glyn Johns gave one of those 'zen master' quotes for the ages: "Just play it again". When you don't get the great performance? Just play it again. Don't try to edit it in a computer. Just play it again... until you get the perfect take. That's the key to great music.

But then it hit me: you can't even follow his advice unless you have a certain basic level of traditional skills.

So the machines win.
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Re: Dave Stewart's October Editorial

Postby awjoe » Fri Sep 30, 2016 5:44 am

The machines win depending on the tribe you belong to. ... Release_PD

This guy isn't playing much. I like the lights, I like the guy, I like how he coaxes sounds out of the thing he's touching. But he isn't really playing much, he's just triggering stored sounds and sequences. When the technology gets to the point where he's actually playing it, it'll get interesting.

My tribe's more interesting. We play instruments.
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