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Tascam DR680 Mk II Review

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Tascam DR680 Mk II Review

Postby Mike Stranks » Fri Oct 21, 2016 5:24 pm

As a former owner of a Mk 1 this seemed a fair and balanced review.

A couple of questions...

1) Did Tom discover if Tascam have fixed the nasty 'gotcha' whereby if you used inputs 5/6 as mic inputs and activate phantom power all is fine - even though they're TRS inputs. But if you then switched 5/6 to line inputs and forgot about the active phantom you'd find 48 volts going where it was not wanted at all! I know a couple of us got caught by that one.

2) With the Mk I the manual needed careful reading - and interpretation - to make sure that you got your recording formats right. My first multitrack recording I managed to get each track recorded separately, but with no means of exporting the tracks separately digitally. I had to do an analogue playback using the RCA outs and re-record into a different multitrack with the attendant degradation of S/N ratios that accrued.

Are these both now fixed or at least more prominently highlighted in the manual?
Mike Stranks
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