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Greta van Fleet article

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Greta van Fleet article

Postby Kosmische » Mon Dec 31, 2018 1:33 pm

I read the article on Greta van Fleet, a band I hadn't heard of before.

I was very surprised that nowhere in the whole article was the drummer mentioned or named. I had to read the beginning of the article just to check that I'd even remembered rightly that they were actually a four-piece band...

I used to play drums back in the day, although strictly as an amateur, so I'm sure I've got a sensitive spot when it comes to drumming and drummers.

What gives...?!
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Re: Greta van Fleet article

Postby Watchmaker » Mon Dec 31, 2018 2:11 pm

Well, the drummer's just there so the bass player can get laid after all.

I spent my life up to the age of 35 playing drums "for a living" and got left out of every single press release and article for every band I played in except once...when I did percussion for a theater company :D
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Re: Greta van Fleet article

Postby Wonks » Mon Dec 31, 2018 3:33 pm

You have to remember that it's an article about the recording, not about the band. There's certainly a lot of content on recording the drums, so it's not like they simply weren't mentioned (though the band members were listed when switching to talking about a particular track. " 'When The Curtain Falls' Written by Joshua Kiszka, Jacob Kiszka, Samuel Kiszka and Daniel Wagner".

The article writer is also at the mercy of who the producers want to talk about. Back in 2016, I was interested in reading the article about the recording of Bastile's 'Wide World' album, as a friend of mine was the then long-term girlfriend of Kyle Simmonds, the keyboard player. I know he'd played keyboards on the album, but there wasn't a single mention of him in the text (just naming him in a band photo), it was all about Dan Smith and Mark Crew.

So it's not just drummers who get omitted!
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