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Possible Readers Ads scam

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Re: Possible Readers Ads scam

Postby Forum Admin » Mon Mar 05, 2018 2:43 pm

paul tha other

i have a motu up in the reader adds and this guys has contacted me about it..had me ..ive replied all sounds dodgy to me now

this is what i got from him yesterday

He should not be able to contact you using that email cos I blocked his account on 27 Feb -- unless your ad specifies the actual email and he could then send direct to you? (That's why we built an Email mechanism to hide seller emails from would-be buyer's until they use our form.

what should i expect..all he has is my phone number and my works email address...

Just ignore him and block/blacklist his email in your Mail program.
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Another Readers Ads scam

Postby iainscott » Tue Jan 28, 2020 5:48 pm

Prophet 6 Ad (1400.00) now deleted, advertiser gives unconcise info in a childish manner; when you pigeonhole them for their phone number after being sick of no info, they say their SIM card isn't working. I wanted to collect and they kept stringing me along. They even send a picture.
Example of their text:

hi , my phone is not working so i cant talk at moment, but if you want to come here for the p6 , ill try to answer emails quickly, my name is howard donovan, i live with parents , so ill tell them if your travelling here, ok ill send adress if you want to travel here, ok bye for now ,howie

Quite how they were going to get the money if I picked up I don't know, perhaps a mugging.
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