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guitarist & narrator wanted

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guitarist & narrator wanted

Postby Niklaus Maximus Lohengrin » Wed Jul 12, 2017 1:45 pm

Dear musicians

I'm working on a kind of country piece which needs a man who speaks with a Texan dialect or with another „cowboy“-dialect. A low voice would be great.

It’s a rather short passage:

"I scrape out the last dregs. Some sugar settlings on my twisted spoon. The gargle's rather a belly wash. I yearn for milk - whether fresh, blue john or anyhow. As long as it’s milk.

Dreamt of a Madrina with a hell of an udder. I was lying beneath. It was like paradise. Real life looks different. I’m alone on these dry flats. It’s a long time since I was the man at the pot. Lifes a sog. The other cowhands bit the ground. There've been some afterclaps. I'd do anything for a white coffee even if I’ll hang from a leafless tree hereafter. So I hit the flat another time. Hope this time the dog will hunt."

There is not a sophisticated micro needed. Just a room without resonance hence reverb would be good.

It is the 1st passage where the cowboy talks - see link below.

And E-guitar or acoustic guitar or banjo or a ukulele is missing, I am looking for some simple strumming or what ever the player thinks it matches. ... it/s-vToY1

The piece is not finished so it is not necessary to criticize it overly but if that's your primer need, go on.


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