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Reloading of tracks in online studio apps

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Reloading of tracks in online studio apps

Postby RionZ » Thu Mar 15, 2018 5:47 pm

Hi all... i've been playing around with various online studio's such as melosity, soundtrap and most recently bandlab. Have to say bandlab wins the prize for functionality so far...

One thing that's making me scratch my head though... it seems on all of these platforms, when you re-open your project, the browser has to reload (i.e. re-download) all the tracks?! i would have thought it should be easy enough to keep those files in cache and just re-reference them and you should only have to fully reload if you happen to clear your cache.

It's not a massive problem at the moment but if i were to start working on large projects it could be troublesome. Also, like many people i have a limited data allowance per month which would soon get eaten up!

Anyone else had this sort of issue?
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