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Improve you composition skills by re-creating your favorite track at

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Improve you composition skills by re-creating your favorite track at

Postby multi user music perf » Tue Mar 03, 2020 9:56 pm

Hi there,

I'm a programmer of ...Loops: an open source multi user step sequencer Web app (that uses the Web Audio API):
I'm also an electronic music composition hobbyist.

I'm looking for other hobbyists that would be interested in re-creating their own tracks (or tracks by other artists) within the constraints of the ...Loops system.
Examples from Point Blank Music School Track Deconstruction video series: ... Qy&index=7

On the technical side: this might help propel this project further by incentivizing me or other developers to add features, fix bugs.
On the artistic side: if we recreate enough music pieces we could setup multi-location live performances where multiple players would be able to live re-arrange and play with stems from those recreated music tracks.

This audiovisual performance system is quite rudimentary (no fancy audio effects or other essential features that you 'd find in any regular DAW)

The emphasis is on accessibility (no desktop software nor native mobile app installation needed) to allow for spontaneous jam sessions between people (not necessarily highly advanced musicians): a Wi-Fi device with a Web browser should be enough to join a jam session.

This might help beginner composers to see what's under the hood of famous music hits in a more playful way than studying a midi musical notation sheet.

Please acknowledge ...Loops is buggy software!

Some related links:
Recreation of famous 1978 track Giorgio Moroder - The Chase (for multiple smartphones users):
Multi location jam session (offers ability to jam with other people around the world):
Blank template to (re)create a music piece for multiple players:

Best Regards,
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