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Midas 32 Live, Importing wav tracks

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Midas 32 Live, Importing wav tracks

Postby Dave Cruson » Fri Apr 03, 2020 8:09 pm

Hello all,
So I have a new Midas 32 live to work with, since we can't be hanging together or traveling my friends have been collaborating and laid down some tracks and recorded them to wav files, every mic/instrument is separate wav file labeled as snare2.wav, tom1.wav guitar1.wav, etc. etc. with a total of 30 wav files for each instrument/mic. My question is how can I put all these wav files, which are now on a USB flash drive, into the Midas 32 and assign each wav file to a track so that it can be mixed, eq'd, effects, etc.?
Dave Cruson
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Re: Midas 32 Live, Importing wav tracks

Postby Luke W » Sat Apr 04, 2020 3:35 pm

To do multi track playback to individual channels you'll need to play the files from DAW on a laptop/desktop computer. I think all of the M32 models are equipped with the DN32-USB card as standard, but I may be wrong. If the card is present then there will be a B-Type USB port located on an expansion card on the rear of the console, you can run a usb cable from that to a computer and the M32 will show up as an interface in your chosen software.

The routing menu on the M32 lets you choose a source for all of the channels in blocks of 8, you'll need to change the sources from "Local 1-8" to "Card 1-8" and so on. Once you've set that then the desk channel inputs will be fed from whatever is sent on the corresponding channels on the card interface.

Load your WAV files into your DAW, set the outputs of each track to whichever channel you want them to appear on at the desk end, hit play and you're off!

Of you don't happen to have a DAW, then something like Tracks Live by Waves is free and will do the trick.
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