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Ground Loop Noises

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Ground Loop Noises

Postby Hugh Robjohns » Thu Sep 17, 2020 12:31 pm

Scouser wrote:The noise is actually there on the KM184 after all. So I'm guessing this is some kind of grounding issue, can anyone give me some possible solutions so I might eliminate this problem.

It's always 'some kind of grounding issue'! :lol:

In general, systems need to be grounded, but grounded in only one place... and the challenge is to work through the equipment and wiring to establish a coherent and practical grounding solution.

I can't give you solutions because I don't know what's in your system or how it's wired up... but i can give you some suggestions and techniques to find and solve any problems.

The first is to make sure everything is powered from a single wall socket via a star arrangement of mains distribution boards. And make sure the most power-hungry devices are plugged into the sockets closest to the wall socket. That minimises the potential ground-loop area.

Also, make a note of which items of equipment are class-1 (with a mains safety earth connection) and which are class-2 (double insulated, and ground-less), as you'll need t o know when it comes to solving problems later.

Ground-loop noises can only exist between Class-1 devices. Ground-less noises (which can appear very similar) can only exist in systems comprising all class-2 equipment!

Next disconnect everything and then work through methodically reconnecting each item, listening for unwanted hims/buzzes as you go -- and if you find any, resolve them before connecting anything else.

Use balanced connections everywhere if possible, and treat any unbalanced connections with suspicion as they will almost always require some special attention!

I'd start with the core system of computer, interface and monitor speakers. Make sure that's quiet and hum-free first. Then add other items, checking as you go until you have the full system again.
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