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E-marketing software issue

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E-marketing software issue

Postby wiggle10 » Sun May 20, 2012 9:28 am

Hey Guys,

I currently run a new electronic digital label and over the last few years, have compiled a mailing list of around 20,000 email addresses to send regular artist and label news to (releases, free mixtape, gig news etc..)

In the early days I used Mailchimp which lets you mail up to 3,000 of the SAME contacts for free in one e-shot. BUT as soon as your lists grow larger than 3,000 - you need to start paying. When it gets to 10,000 + it becomes really expensive. I've also tried Campaign Monitor which was really great to use but very expensive above 10,000 as well.

So basically what I need is some kind of under the radar or new open-source/freely developed or really cheap email platform that'll let me send out an eshot to over 20,000 contacts in one go.

Even if not free, something that's very cheap compared to all of the alternatives out there.

The only other way is setting up around 7 separate Mailchimp accounts on different email address which is really in-practical and a ball-ache. Any tips guys? Anything your currently using or know of?
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Re: E-marketing software issue

Postby dmills » Sun May 20, 2012 3:56 pm

It may be possible to get gnu mailman to do what you want, and it provides useful things like opt out addresses that just work and opt in confirmation email logic (You probably want a unix box for this).

It would take a little configuration as this is not its normal use case, but it does most of the hard bit, and will easily handle an order of magnitude more mail then you are throwing at it.

The other obvious approach is a few lines of perl or shell + awk and a smtp server, given a flat text database, the required code is nearly trivial.

Do talk to your ISP before throwing that volume of mail at their SMTP server, some will consider it a violation of their TOS.


Regards, Dan.
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