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Buzz problem detective wanted...

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Re: Buzz problem detective wanted...

Postby molecular » Fri Sep 07, 2018 9:39 am

Sorry just noticed there was a new reply, Drew!

It is, and remains, weird. I don't have the session in front of me right now, but the interference picked up is completely different in different places at different times. The one in that video is caused by the lights, but I have also had a buzz which grew over the course of about an hour, then vanished, then slowly appeared again. Also intermittent crackles, pops, all kinds. I can pick up the fridge door light going on and off at my parents house, and their WiFi booster. On two location records I picked up awful buzzes coming from god knows what.

I am in touch with someone at Focusrite who is being very helpful and responsive, but insists no-one else has registered any similar problems globally with the X2P, and they can't replicate my results, and the design team seem stumped.

But I cannot replicated the results using ANY combination of other Dante devices, or any devices, in the same venues. I've had all manner of desks, pres, interfaces, mics, hardware and whatever else through a couple of the "offending locations" over the last few years and not had this problem with a single one of them.

So I am really confused and frustrated.
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