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Microkorg through Acer Aspire E1 470P on Windows

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Microkorg through Acer Aspire E1 470P on Windows

Postby wxm4152 » Fri Aug 03, 2018 7:29 am

Hello everyone. I am fairly new to all of this an need some tips. I have installed the Microkorg drives and sound editor. I have my midi to USB hook up to go directly to my laptop I also have the option to use my U-phoria 202hd. At the moment I have no music recording mixing software besides Audacity and a trial version of FL Studio 20. The Microkorg Sound Editor is not connecting to my Microkorg for some reason and I am unsure why. FL Studio says they there bit when I click on it it can't be utilized. If there is anyone who might have some pointers, please let me know. I am going crazy buying different cables and tryin to find suitable software bit I feel a bit defeated hahaha

Thanks again!
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