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Canford MX622

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Re: Canford MX622

Postby darkside labs » Thu Sep 20, 2018 3:19 pm

ef37a wrote:The internal electrolytic capacitors are your best guide to the actual supply voltages. If 16V types (unlikely) for example you can assume 12-0-12 rails, 22V caps mean 15 or 18V supplies but if making a supply from scratch I would not exceed 17V*. For "prosumer" interfaces a 15+15 volt supply gives more than enough headroom.

The current consumption can be estimated from counting the ICs and noting the types but I doubt you will need more than one amp.

The pre USB mouse plug was PS2 (waaaaay ago kbds were 5pin DIN) and they were 6 pins. If at all possible I would change the connector for XLR or 9 pin D sub. Even if space does not permit I would grommet the hole and have a short cable with male line connector.

*D Self: "Small Signal Amplifier Design" gives several 17V schematics and a way to get limited capacity phantom power. Might be easier to just make a separate 48V supply with a suitable transformer?


Many thanks Dave for the most helpful pointers. I have to disassemble the entire enclosure in order to gain internal access, I may be some time!
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