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Electrics - Premium, Mid-Priced and Affordable - Whose Wallet ?

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Re: Electrics - Premium, Mid-Priced and Affordable - Whose Wallet ?

Postby John Egan » Tue Dec 25, 2018 8:54 pm

arkieboy wrote:
John Egan wrote:Didn't they have Bill Lawrence pickups?

Indeed! Mike Oldfield used one for 'Incantations' and 'Platinum' and Santana was also a user before he developed the SG2000 with Yamaha, which I'd like to own too while we're digressing. The 20yo me coveted them and they don't cost the earth second hand these days - I don't think I'd take them on the road, but I'm sure I'd find an excuse to record with them.

(back on topic) But again that shows just how silly some guitar prices are these days: for much less than any of the guitars listed in the premium category you could buy two once-popular but now unusual guitars that you could use to strike out on your own, kickstart your guitar collection, or just noodle along to your favourite albums.

Mind you, that 20yo picked up one of these when you couldn't give Gibsons away ...

Wow! I don't think I've ever seen a Les Paul Signature. A Recording yes, but not a Signature. Back in the day I used a Gretsch Double Anniversary, which I bought new in 1962, and still have. I also have a 1967 ES330,which I bought second hand.
Speaking of unusual, I fairly recently found a reasonably priced 1974 Ibanez twin neck (12-string and 6-string) which I couldn't resist. Much more interesting than anything I could buy from a Fender or Gibson Custom Shop. Weighs a ton, though.
Regards, John
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Re: Electrics - Premium, Mid-Priced and Affordable - Whose Wallet ?

Postby BobTheDog » Tue Dec 25, 2018 9:40 pm

Sam Spoons wrote:A 'premium' guitar IMO costs, as a minimum, Fender/Gibson custom shop money. I have a couple of friends who builds 'premium' guitars which mostly cost £3k and up. When I were a lad, properly decent working guitars cost two or three months wages, now that's two or three days, the quality of budget guitars has improved so much. A Yamaha Pacifica costing £200 is perfectly capable of sustaining a jobbing guitar player from function band to orchestra pit for as long as he can resist the pull of the posh kit. And sub £500 guitars have build quality way better than the Fururama my dad spent 3 weeks wages on when I was 12.......

I'd have had four bands, budget (<£200) affordable (<£500) mid-priced (<£2000) and premium (>£2000).

£1000 guitars are only 'affordable' by a relatively small section of the population.

I agree with all of this but I think we need another higher band >£3500, a sort of premium premium, where you see the premium guitars spruced up a bit, like the prs 10 top/artist sort of things.
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Re: Electrics - Premium, Mid-Priced and Affordable - Whose Wallet ?

Postby Agharta » Tue Dec 25, 2018 10:03 pm

John Egan wrote:The problem I have with Fender and Gibson is that they have implicitly devalued their standard product ranges by proliferating the Custom Shop; Masterbuilt; True Historic; Even Truer Historic and Ultimate Historic Down To The Last Fingerprint (OK, so I made the last two up) models. Regards, John
I don't have a problem with Fender having multiple ranges at different price points any more than I do with the VW Group (or whatever it's called) doing the same albeit with different brand names; Skoda to Bentley etc.
It's a game that goes on and anyone that doesn't grasp the basics of marketing and brand management should educate themselves and not let themselves be emotionally manipulated into buying poor value products.
A case in point is the Smart Phone market where not so Smart people are often paying a thousand pounds and more for a phone.
So maybe Apple are the new Fender and in 10 years time they will be selling iPhone 7S Relic Editions for £3,000.
Fender and Apple both make some decent models but they are often poor value and marketing led.
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