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What band website builders do you guys use?

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Re: What band website builders do you guys use?

Postby Guest » Sat Feb 02, 2019 12:37 pm

RSWOnline wrote:Our recording studio website can be found at
It is not the best but we are working on it.

I like your website, my only (unasked) for comment is I missed a complete gear list - e.g. backline etc.

Re: What band website builders do you guys use?

Postby ConcertinaChap » Sat Feb 02, 2019 12:50 pm

seanmichaels wrote:I personally like Wordpress for building all kinds of websites.

So do I, I've currently got 6 websites running under Wordpress. But this popularity comes at a cost, and that is more blackhats target Wordpress than just about any other CMS. So make sure you keep your installations up to date.

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Re: What band website builders do you guys use?

Postby seanmichaels » Mon Mar 18, 2019 7:41 pm

I already posted in this thread, but I feel the need to add a little more to what's already been said. The debate is simple: to build a website for your band or not.

Arguments for include: complete ownership of platform, ability to capture email leads, ability to create your own merchandise store, it's authoritative, traffic from Google hits your website and not a social account, etc.

Arguments against include: no one cares, social media is where it's at, it's a waste of time, websites were cool in the 90s (I have no idea where this insane idea came from), etc.

I feel that your artist website is your main hub where you want to try to direct followers from all your social platforms to. It's your website, you own it and all the content. There is no risk in a particular social media website shutting down.

Remember Vine? It was the 7-second video sharing app that twitter bought. Once twitter realized that it wasn't profitable, they shut it down. Panicked content creators on Vine quickly advised their followers to move to their new Instagram page or YouTube channel. This is just one example of how just leveraging social media exclusively can be a risk to your business.

Google search. Let's pretend your act is (or will be) very popular.

In this scenario, your fans type your band name into Google's search 20,000 times a month. Would you rather Facebook get all the traffic or your website? I'd opt for my website since I can potentially capture their email and sell merchandise/music right from my website. It doesn't help my Facebook page to get that traffic since these fans are most likely already following the account. This is where the real power of owning a website comes from.

Imagine the searcher types in "band name + merch" also. You'd want your website to be #1 for that query if your band sold merch online.

Overall, I think it requires content and constant activity on all fronts. You need to be active on your social accounts every day and push fans to your website when applicable. When my band started, we didn't bother with a website initially, but it was something we eventually got around to.

As far as website builders go, Wordpress seems to work great for all the sites I've worked on, but it does have its flaws. Wordpress is the most targeted CMS from what I know. I've had malware, been hacked a few times, and learned a lot about website security in the process.

I currently am using Siteground to host my website. I've tried Host Gator and others, but I think I'm pretty happy for the time being. There's Wix and Squarespace also, but I'm not too excited about the limited customization.

I also found this for more info on decent hosts for bands: ... musicians/
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Re: What band website builders do you guys use?

Postby audio_fre@k » Mon Apr 15, 2019 8:43 pm

website is definitely needed this days, is a must have to present your self in www
wordpress seems to be very nice choice, no need to have advance web building knowledge to use it
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