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Best & Worst Countries (or States) to record an Album/Song

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Best & Worst Countries (or States) to record an Album/Song

Postby Argiletonne » Mon Feb 04, 2019 7:06 am

I am a musician but also a private music producer. I love learning about the music industry and it's interesting to get perspectives outside my own. I don't always need to absorb the information I learn about for personal gain or personal experience but as we all like to read and learn I thought this topic could be one where people should share legitimate experiences working or as musicians on the topic.

What were the best and/or worst places you've ever recorded music?

Please don't feel like this needs to be only for professionals because obviously the more sharing the merrier.

For example, recording in a cozy basement might be better than the kitchen but of course as I stated I would like to hear people who do take the music industry serious and have personal experiences about recording and why they disliked or really enjoyed recording wherever they were at the time.

And yes I do mean for you to spill the truth about studios that you felt like ripped you off or places that were horrible for a recording studio environment. Sometimes the gear and idea of recording can seem too glamourous at the time to notice minor details that might ruin the experience for you and you don't recognize until after it's all over and you've paid your money so please share whatever feelings and thoughts you've had about recording world.

Not being from international places and having never travelled internationally I would love to hear some experiences from people who do have professional experience recording music outside of America because I know that a lot of pros tend to record their music in more places than one sometimes while on tour around the country of the unites states or around the world so that's why I bring this up. It would be good to get some real world personal experiences to clarify the difference between actual music recording that happens in the real world versus the kind of stuff they put in the movies and what we see on tv and what they talk about in silly documentaries about all the famous bands.

Alright, let's here you're stories. Go for it.
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Re: Best & Worst Countries (or States) to record an Album/Song

Postby Eddy Deegan » Mon Feb 04, 2019 8:46 am

I think I understand what you're trying to get at but to be honest the reality is rather more mundane than you might think.

There are recording studios, and venues, all over the world most of which are striving to do the best by their clients given the balance of time, budgets, equipment, material and customer demands. Much like any other business really :-)

Calling out a bad experience at a specific studio isn't particularly useful insofar as the job the engineers were asked to do might have been impossible, the customer may have been unreasonable or anything from equipment failure to an AC breakdown or leak in the roof may have caused a problem.

I don't think you can reasonably assert that any specific location is better or worse than any other for that reason - it'll vary on a project by project basis.

Many years ago I was in a phase of life and career where I spent some time in a few studios (as a musician, not an engineer of any kind) and I had good and not-so-good sessions but I couldn't link any given studio to those events, they were more reflections of the moment.

I had a weird time in Surrey once, but that was a drummer's fault ;)
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Re: Best & Worst Countries (or States) to record an Album/Song

Postby Guest » Mon Feb 04, 2019 10:11 am

The experience that I hated was one session where the recording would start and after a few seconds the young, trendy engineer would screech "Stop! Sorry, I thought I heard a glitch - my mistake - let's start again". After this had happened a few times I lost my concentration and confidence because I was expecting the recording to stop any second. It was really unnerving and after that everything went badly.
One of the best sessions I had was when I went to a studio where everyone was really religious, and there were spiritual pictures on the wall. The atmosphere was so calm I did everything in one take.
Both these studios were in London, England.

Re: Best & Worst Countries (or States) to record an Album/Song

Postby Mike Stranks » Mon Feb 04, 2019 10:57 am

Eddy's right.... though not a professional I've recorded lots of amateur and semi-pro performers.

Sadly, any failings were not always my fault... ;)
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Re: Best & Worst Countries (or States) to record an Album/Song

Postby Rich Hanson » Mon Feb 04, 2019 10:59 am

Eddy Deegan wrote: but that was a drummer's fault ;)

Ah, a truth universally acknowledged...

*eyes the drumsticks on his desk warily*
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Re: Best & Worst Countries (or States) to record an Album/Song

Postby Wonks » Mon Feb 04, 2019 11:10 am

As W.C. Fields once said; "Never work with children, animals or drummers".
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