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Uninstalling Moog editor software?

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Uninstalling Moog editor software?

Postby redlester » Tue Jun 25, 2019 4:02 pm

A couple of weeks ago I held my breath and finally updated from HS to Mojave. Thankfully all went well and no problems apparent.

Except... I have a Moog Subsequent 37 synth for which I have their free editor software installed. Ever since the update, when I fire up the editor software it says "Hardware disconnected". Oddly, it still appears to work - I can change patches on the synth and make edits to the sound using the editor. It seems to be a false error message, but still leaves me concerned that something isn't 100% right. Omnisphere's hardware integration still works, so the synth is clearly communicating with the computer via USB as it should.

I reported all this to Moog support, and after a couple of emails essentially amounting to checking a few basic things such as "is it connected via a USB hub?" (it is, but I've tried it without hub as well and it makes no difference), it has now gone quiet from them - they seem flummoxed.

One of the suggestions was to uninstall it and re-install, which I want to try but I have asked them for step by step on how to uninstall the software, bearing in mind it sticks various VST and AU files into various locations on the computer. This request has scared them off totally and I've had no response.

So, do I need to buy a third party uninstaller or do I just search in Finder for all files related to the editor software and send them to the Trash? Am only asking because I've never actually had to uninstall on a Mac before.
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